Hope Town - Abaco - The Bahamas

The tiny Bahamian island of Hope Town is one of those places you have to "know about to know about" and that is exactly what makes this 7 mile by 1 mile stretch of paradise with the mighty Atlantic on one side & the tranquil Sea of Abaco on the other so extraordinarily special.  The white sand beaches sit like a postcard cover, the downtown "golf cart only" streets look like something from a dream and the candy stripped lighthouse shines with mirrored light from a bygone era of pirates, bounty and fearless freedom. Hope Town is truly a one of a kind island and vacation experience which is exactly why "Songwriters In Paradise" is so honored to be a small part of it's yearly calendar. 

The 7th Annual "SIP HOPE TOWN" will take place nightly from Feb. 12th - 17th, 2019 at 5 uniquely Bahamian venues anchored by our perfect host location The Firefly Sunset Resort and our other local gems Sea Spray Resort & Marina, The Abaco Inn, Harbour's Edge & Hope Town Inn & Marina.